Rewards for your 

health & fitness journey.

Get rewarded for being you.

FitFetti is a free social fitness app that rewards you for staying active with support from close friends and family, and free products and discounts from brands that care about health. 

Track your progress and stay active to prevent health problems. Make it fun with support from people and brands that care about your health and happiness. 

Get sponsored.

Maintaining healthy levels of physical activity each week reduces risk for debilitating health problems, including 7 leading causes of death in America.

Lower your family's risk

Each week that sponsorship recipients improve Steps or Active Minutes towards healthy active levels, they automatically earn the cash.

As they improve, they earn

Find the person you'd like to sponsor. Select the numbers of weeks and the amount per week. 

Cash out, or pay it forward

Giving a sponsorship is easy.

Stay actively inspired with us.