Who should use FitFetti?

FitFetti is for everyone. There is no age, ethnicity or group of people ever studied that does not benefit from regular physical activity. Our bones, organs, muscles, circulation and mood all benefit.

Why should I get sponsored?

Many of us get busy and find it difficult to make physical activity a regular part of our busy lives. It’s easy for something else to take priority. Not to mention, fitness is hard. It requires physical effort and time. The only way to make physical activity easier is to participate on a regular basis and get support from those around you. FitFetti sponsorships provide extra motivation to help us to aim for small, achievable improvement overtime. Keep in mind that any activity is better than inactivity, and every bit of effort counts towards better health.

Why should I give a sponsorship?

Regular physical activity is beneficial for all of the major and minor functions of the body. The organs, bones, muscles and circulation system all benefit. Staying active even helps us to be happy. Inactivity, on the contrary, can lead to depression, anxiety, health complications and diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and at least 15 types of cancer. Because these effects are not immediate, it is hard to stay motivated to stay active. Most of us could use some help. In fact, 8/10 Americans do not meet the Center for Disease Control's minimum recommendation for physical activity to prevent associated diseases and premature death. Your sponsorship is an immediate motivation that shows your support for the health and happiness of those you care about.   

Should I give a sponsorship or should I get sponsored? How do I decide?

FitFetti is a community of support. It is our hope that all people both get sponsored and give sponsorships. 

What if I’m nervous about getting fit?    
Feeling some anxiety about increasing physical activity is natural. That’s why FitFetti sponsorships are awarded for small incremental improvements overtime in number of steps and/or active minutes over time. It’s always a good idea to check with your healthcare provider in advance of starting a new routine. A good place to start is with brisk walks and beginner group classes such as yoga, Pilates or aerobics. 

Are fitness tracking devices even accurate?

Fitness activity tracking has come a long way and becomes more accurate each year. That said, technology can fail. If you believe your device is less accurate than your liking, try another device or contact the manufacturer to see if they can provide you with an upgrade. Our philosophy at FitFetti is that our partner devices are sufficiently accurate to track improvement over time and serve as motivation for increasing physical activity.

Why doesn’t FitFetti care about weight or weight loss?

Weight loss can be achieved by unhealthy means, and is not an accurate indication of health. With regular physical activity however, all people can significantly reduce their risk for preventable diseases, depression and anxiety regardless of weight or weight loss. From a health perspective, it is far more important to be physically active to a healthy level than to focus on weight.

Why does my progress say 0% even though I've been active?

Both HealthKit and Fitbit should feed into Steps. Only Fitbits with Active Minutes tracking will track Active Minutes. Only HealthKit with a wearable with Active Minutes tracking (such as the Apple Watch) will track Active Minutes.

  • Check that you have a data source enabled: My profile (bottom right icon) > Settings (upper right icon) > enable HealthKit (or enable Fitbit if you have one. 
  • If HealthKit and/or Fitbit are enabled and still not synching, log out and log back in. 
  • If your activity is still not syncing, or if the problem persists, please let us know at support@fitfetti.com.

NOTICE: FitFetti shut down as of 5/31/2020. Thank you for your interest. For any support needs, please contact support@fitfetti.com.